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contractor of Gulf Marine Fabricators

Project: Gulf Marine Fabricators

July 2012 - May 2013 - Man Hours: 60,000

Scope of work: Installation of Heli-Deck, design, fabricated, and installed all piping below deck for the conversion of supply vessel to a production vessel.

contractor of Ascot International Services

Project: Ascot International Services

January 2009 - March 2009 - Man Hours: 2500

Scope of work: Fabricated Stainless gas pipe headers for Exxon/Mobil Nigeria

painting contractor of texas gas plants

Project: Optimized Process Designs

May 2011 – Present - $1.2 Million in 2014 - $1.9 Million YTD 2015

Scope of work: Fabricate & Paint Spool Pipe and supports for numerous gas plants including Copano, EPCO, Targa, Chaparral, Energy Transfer and Oasis.

Gas Systems Corporation nitrogen generation skid

Project: Gas Systems Corporation

January 2013 – October 2014 - $475,000

Scope of work: Fabricate Nitrogen Generation Skid for ExxonMobil Hebron, Texas

stainless steel vessel repair and fabrication

Project: Vessel Repairs

August 2013 – March 2015 - $1.5 Million

Scope of work: Fabricate Stainless Steel Cargo Piping for 10 tank barges

contractor for Acute Technological Services

Project: Acute Technological Services

Man Hours: 26,000

Scope of work: Furnish Welders and Fitters for double joint project 18,000 - 42" x .500 double joints, welding procedure qualifications and welding consumable practicality study.

contractor for Sterling ship yard

Project: Sterling Ship Yard

October 2009 - Present

Furnished Welders and Fitters for the fabrication and installation of pipe systems on ocean barges and tug boats.

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